rendezvous-editSaint John brings 33 years of tattooing and 21 years of body piercing experience to Rendezvous. A Registered Nurse for 23 years, John’s knowledge of sterilization is indispensable to the tattoo and body piercing client.  Patti Rowan has been piercing full time for nine years and is the studio manager at Rendezvous.

John and Patti have gained admittance to the Association of Professional Piercers.


At this time, many piercers and tattooists are practicing without a license in the New River Valley.  (For more info about unlicensed piercers and tattooists in the New River Valley and Roanoke areas, please see the tattoo information or piercing information section).   For your safety, please remember that a tattooist  or piercer individual license and a business license are not the same.  A tattooist or piercer need not fulfill any health and safety requirements to get a tattoo or piercing business license.


At Rendezvous, we use numbing gel if desired, during every piercing and tattoo

All jewelry is internally threaded and hand polished for ease of insertion and hassle free healing. We wouldn’t dare use externally threaded jewelry in your piercing and we hope you won’t either.  We use Industrial Strength and Anatometal jewelry exclusively.

For the ultimate in safety and state of the art tattooing and piercing,  visit SAINT JOHN and Patti at RENDEZVOUS!