A Big Secret for Healthy Piercings

Internally Threaded Vs. Externally Threaded Body Piercing Jewelry

Most people don’t have the time to study up on all the intricacies of what makes a top quality piercing. So lets talk about the importance of threading on body piercing jewelry. The overwhelming majority of body piercing jewelry is threaded externally.

This makes for a rough surface that scrapes and injures the inside of the piercing each time the jewelry is inserted or removed. A healed piercing can become unhealed by inserting rough externally threaded jewelry. Internally threaded piercing jewelry, conversely, is smooth and doesn’t damage or hurt the inside of your piercing. (see the accompanying photos.)

You may be wondering why anyone would manufacture or sell jewelry that’s harmful and detrimental to the health of your piercing. Simple. It’s cheap to make and the profit is enormous. For what one pays for an quality internally threaded jeweled navel curve, you could buy at least 10 externally threaded navel curved barbells. That kind of profit margin is hard to turn down for most body piercing and jewelry shops.

internal thread
Internally threaded
external thread
Externally Threaded

Can you get a body piercing cheaper at a shop that uses externally threaded jewelry? Of course.

Will it have a decreased chance of successful healing? Of course!

Does externally threaded jewelry cause a host of other piercing problems like lumps, bumps and secondary infections? No doubt about it?

Better to be good to yourself and use quality jewelry. Use implant grade stainless or titanium, internally threaded jewelry that’s put in by a registered nurse. Anatometal and Industrial Strength brands are the only way to fly! That’s what we use.