Oral Piercing Aftercare

This is a quick view for healing tongue piercings and applies to most oral piercings as well.  clients will recieve a detailed set of aftercare directions when they are pierced at Rendezvous.

  1. Immediately get some ice cubes and gently let them dissolve in your mouth over the next 24 hours.
  2. Use advil, ibuprofen or motrin every six hours to reduce swelling and promote comfort. Don’t use Tylenol or Aspirin.
  3. Don’t use straws to drink. They make excessive pressure in the mouth and slow healing.
  4. Reduce talking for 48 hours. It causes swelling.
  5. Reduce or eliminate warm beverages, smoking, booze and spicy foods. They all cause swelling.
  6. Elevate head while sleeping for the next 48 hours. It will help reduce swelling.

The post on your barbell is long enough to accommodate swelling. It’s may be too long for the health of your teeth.  You can damage your teeth with a post that is too long.  As soon as your piercing is comfortable,(usually about a week), come in and get a shorter post.  It costs $12.00 and we’ll put it in for free.  Usually you’ll be ready within a week.